Bluestar Project

The Bluestar Project at the Green House is a research project led by the University of Bristol in
partnership with the Sexual Violence Consortium in Bristol. The project aims to develop
understanding of how we can improve access and best practice in two key areas: pre-trial therapies
and online support for childhood sexual abuse. Our research is a collaboration project led by the
voices of practitioners, clinicians, and survivors. We will be conducting this research from January
2021 to March 2022.

Bluestar Policy Report

Bluestar Guide to Note Keeping

Bluestar Pre-trial Therapy Protocol

Beyond Therapy Festival of Activism Against Child Sexual Abuse

19th May 2022

Beyond Therapy Festival Flyer

Beyond Therapy is dedicated to re-imagining our society’s response to child sexual abuse through research, creativity and connection.

We set up the Beyond Therapy podcast and festival, which combines research, arts, and activism, to challenge attitudes toward child sexual abuse and re-imagine our society’s existing response. 

We invite survivors, researchers, practitioners, creatives and allies to join us on the 19th of May to participate in a series of talks, workshops and taster sessions, and to join our community of strong and emerging voices. We believe we can use our collective power to initiate change.

In 2019, 500,000 children and young people experienced sexual abuse in England and Wales – but this problem continues to be hidden and taboo. Most will never access support, and those that do face significant challenges in finding justice or availability at a therapy service. Last year reports to the police were at their highest, yet convictions hit an all-time low, and most of our therapy services have waiting lists of over a year. 

The young people who took part in our Bluestar research project have called for us to expand our understanding of what recovery looks like – to go beyond therapies and a criminal justice response into the world of social activism and creative arts.

This event takes place in person in various spaces around the Watershed, Bristol.

This event will address sensitive and difficult subjects and include explicit language. Please use your discretion if attending with people under the age of 18.

This event will be relaxed. We invite you to make yourself comfortable and move around if you would like. If you need to leave a room at any point, you will be able to return to the space when you feel ready. We will have listening support available throughout the day, based in our wellbeing space. In this space you can find support, quiet, and grounding activities. 

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