Clients Stories


Over the course of her therapy Jemma became more animated and confident. She was able to show her therapist the hurt, angry and vulnerable parts of herself which had previously remained hidden. Acknowledging these feelings made it possible for her to process what had happened. 


Feelings were difficult for Michael and he also struggled to feel connected to his body. To try and unlock some of this ‘stuckness’ his therapist introduced a range of sensory and arts-based activities.


Amy enjoyed using the sessions to write stories and then began using drama to enact these, making links to her own life and her fears of not being “good enough”.


For Adam counselling was his first ever opportunity to build a safe enough relationship where he could let himself be deeply seen and accepted. Through it he began to process some of the many feelings he had long drowned in his drug and alcohol use.


During her counselling sessions at the Green House, Debbie and her therapist explored the ways that she could look after herself and what it meant to trust someone, to give consent, and have boundaries.


Cherie came for counselling at The Green House as a recovering alcoholic. She was 47 and had been sober for 2 years. Cherie was aware that her experiences of childhood sexual abuse had led to her using alcohol as a young woman to help block the awful memories and pain.


Gary was enormously grateful to The Green House for his counselling and wrote in his feedback, “I’d no idea how much my abuse had messed up my life until I fell apart after my bike accident. Thanks for helping me start to get my life back”.


Hugo came to The Green House believing that he was basically unlovable but with a feeling that perhaps his childhood abuse might have contributed to his difficulties in forming relationships, though he had never articulated this to anyone before.