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For Parents
Posted 14th February

A Parent’s Poem

A Parent’s Poem

The following poem was written by a member of our Parent VOICE group. To find out more about our groups head here.

A Parent’s Poem – by S.

The bombshell drops & chaos unfolds.

You’re left in limbo, with no answers told.

You feel so numb and don’t know what’s best.

Feeling so awfully alone and don’t know what to do next.


You try to return to normality, however that now looks.

Yet the children are expected, to keep their heads in their school books.

With no thoughts to what trauma, may look like to some.

What support is needed, will be different for everyone.


Trauma may last, weeks months or years.

It may even lay dormant for a while, then suddenly reappear.


It can show its face, in any number of ways.

So ask people to be mindful, each and everyday.


Take care of yourself, as this is important too.

Learn a new craft, there’s so much you can do!


The Green House is here, to support your child’s needs,

But it’s so much more than that, ask the parent voice group, you’ll see!


Right now you may not be ready or feel like crossing that line,

just know that The Green House will be here, when you find it’s the right time.


By S.

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