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1-1 Therapy

We understand that sexual abuse can affect people in lots of different ways. Therapy offers a safe space to explore your feelings and experiences in a way that feels right for you. It can be a place to ask questions, express difficult thoughts or emotions, and think about the challenges you face.

Your therapist is there to help you find your own way forward.

You can choose how to use your time and space in therapy. The options include activities like drawing, painting or drama, as well as talking
about how you feel.

You can find out more about our therapy services here.

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Groups and Projects

As well as 1-1 sessions, we run groups and projects, some as part of therapy and some to get involved with after your therapy has finished.

You can find out more here.


Grounding Practices with Bristol Yoga Roots Project

Our bodies hold a lot. People of all ages who’ve experienced sexual abuse can often experience feelings like jumpiness, a racing heart, mood swings, numbness, irritability and difficulties sleeping. These can be on-going, or they can sometimes come out of the blue – at school, with friends, at night. 

Thankfully, we know from research and practice that there are some things that can help in these moments and over time. Research has shown that grounding practices like yoga can help these experiences be less overwhelming by focussing our attention in a different way, our body-mind awareness and soothing our nervous system.  These benefits can improve with regular practice.  

We have been working on a selection of grounding videos at the request of young people in The Green House Voice Project, with the help of Bristol Yoga Roots Project. We have categorised these videos based on how you’re feeling to help you find the right video at the right time. The full seven videos can be found on our YouTube Page by clicking here.

Introduction Video

If you're feeling panicky...

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For Grounding

For Anxiety Relief

For Confidence

If you're feeling negative...

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For Release

For Focus

For Acceptance

If you're feeling sad...

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For Calm

For Kindness

If you can't sleep...

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For Relaxation

For Sleep