Quick Exit
For Survivors
Posted 26th September

A Poem: Senses

A group of young survivors at The Green House created some amazing poetry over the summer in the Finding the Words workshops. Below is their collaborative poem:


I am someone

I am discovering another corner of life

I am standing in denial

My eyes warp into a reality I do not wish to accept

I am looking at the paths diverging in a wood

I am a rose bush blooming and growing when I feel my time appearing

I am staring out the window

The moon is shining lighting up the pavement outside

I am chilling with my cats

I am the moon up in the sky

I am feeling achy, but I am pleased to be here

I am a little soggy, but I am glad to be in the warm.


I feel people will laugh at me, and not believe. I still believe.

I feel excited

I feel like a goddess with my cats

I feel warm and safe and grateful to be alive

I feel the pressure to contain the happiness whilst carrying someone else’s.

I feel I don’t always know my feelings

I feel strain in the shoulder like a creaky door

I feel like I am in the eye of a storm

I feel dreadful silence

The silence that was as agonising as the sound of flatline

The sound of death.


I know I am welcome here

I know I matter

I know I shouldn’t be afraid to be myself and to stand out.

I know that rage has wisdom and power

I know this feeling all too well, so why am I in denial?

Denial will only lead me to my own flatline.

I know the good senses throughout the bleak time zones of society.

I know cats are the best way to calm down

I know that I am loved, I didn’t but I do now

I know we all need love, when we are ready for it

There will always be love.


I believe in the moon, the stars and the sun

In all the magic within me

I believe every little thing is gonna be alright

I believe I can do impossible things

I believe there is hope for the future

Life changes to move on

I believe the rhythm of ideas will continue to run through my creative lifestyle

I believe this is all my fault

I could have saved this but I didn’t.


What was standing in my way?

I believe that dragons can be slain and tamed and flown through the sky on the backs of

I believe that better times are on their way

I believe cats give happiness.


I will not shrink down

I will not stand for this…

I cannot let them haunt me like a never-ending nightmare shackled in my brain

‘I will’ is a statement of intent.

What is my intent?

I will be the best version of myself and I will make sure I take care of myself no matter what.

I will share this light with people near to me, making sure it is not dimmed by their own light

I will shed my shaming stories, slowly but surely, like skins

I will be what I can be in a set time of life

I will dance and make the most of it.

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