Quick Exit
Posted 18th March

Our Parent and Carer VOICE group is open to new members!

Every voice counts.

We know our parents and carers have important insights about services and a lot of passionate energy about making things better. The VOICE Project is a way for The Green House and other services to be shaped by those ideas.

Our Parent and Carer VOICE Group meets at The Green House monthly on a weekday evening.  We are now open to new members who want to:

  • Make positive changes to the lives of current and future users of The Green House
  • Be part of a dynamic and dedicated team of parents and carers
  • Actively contribute to research, resources, campaigns and improving sexual abuse services

We will meet with you first on your own to check being part of the group feels like a good fit for you.

To register your interest and have a conversation about getting involved, click: https://forms.office.com/e/XMdFXJSD2U

What current members have said about being part of The Green House’s Parent VOICE Group:

It feels good to put your experience and your anger into making something better.
Being part of the Voice Group is so important to me...we have joked in the past that it is not a club you would ever want membership of, but knowing that you can make a difference to those who have to follow in these horrible footsteps is in part what keeps me going. Being  surrounded by people who know your pain and accept you regardless, is like a beacon in the darkness.
Be brave - we have all taken the plunge (which is scary!) and found support and laughter in the darkest times, channelling that into something good.
The snacks are always great!!

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