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Art Therapy

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What is Art Therapy?

Art therapy can be used to help clients express their experiences, articulate how they have been affected, and to support their wellbeing, emotional and mental health needs (British Association of Art Therapists). 

The creative process can be healing and life enhancing, as well as a form of non-verbal communication where words are sometimes difficult or not enough. As with talking therapy, is it used to encourage personal growth, and increase self-understanding and emotional repair.

Art therapy supports the belief that all individuals have the capacity to express themselves creatively and that the product itself is less important than the process; it is not always the picture or object but each persons’ involvement in creating, at their own pace, alongside the therapist that is important.

We have a range of art materials available at The Green House for therapists and clients to use for creative therapeutic activities. No experience of art is needed, our therapists support the creative journey along the way and move at the pace of the client.