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Play Therapy

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What is play therapy…

At the heart of play therapy lies the therapeutic relationship between client and play therapist. Play therapy is client-led, and happens at the client’s pace. Through the metaphor of play, sand, objects, and art, the client can safely process their trauma. There is no pressure to talk, as ‘play is the primary medium and speech is the secondary medium’ (BAPT, The British Association of Play Therapists).

What could I expect in my session…

Clients of all ages can expect to take their play in the direction they choose, perhaps through sensory activities like using modelling clay, or by acting out a traumatic experience in the room, or by using objects to retell an experience and gain control of it. Often, creative expressive avenues are chosen, such as drawing or sand play. Sometimes the client may wish to talk. The play is decided by the thoughts, feelings and experiences that the client needs to process, and in whichever way they wish.