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Nature Based Creative Therapy Group

This 12-week therapy group focuses on providing non-judgemental support and a sense of community to young people aged 15-18 who have experienced sexual abuse or assault.

Being in nature can be calming and grounding and it has been proven to improve wellbeing, boost confidence and reduce trauma symptoms. Working in a small group outdoors can help us connect with ourselves and others, the world around us, and we can learn from nature too.

We use art making, movement, drama and writing to explore our feelings and express ourselves. Working creatively can often feel easier and safer than speaking about difficult things. Being surrounded by nature can feel more comfortable than working in a therapy room and group members are encouraged to take part in a
way that feels right for them.

You can find more information in our flyer here and by watching our video below.

"There was a real sense of community it helped me come to terms with my sexual abuse and other experiences."
"I would recommend this group 10000000%"
"it made me feel less alone like I am part of something meaningful."
"I feel more confident and more happy. I have a long lasting feeling of community."
"You don't have to address the problem directly until you're ready. And you get the chance to make new friends and memories."
"Being part of this group has made expressing myself easier because we have things around us (nature) to help us describe our feelings and connect to ourselves."