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Creative Community Services for Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

The Green House is a specialist support service for children, young people and families who have experienced sexual abuse. At the Green House we believe in creative evidence-based support services led by the voices of young people and their families. Our specialist services are designed to grow connection and community with families who have experienced sexual abuse.


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As I look back on how I was before I started counselling, I was very anxious and nervous. Now I am a lot more open and confident.
The Green House has been very warm and welcoming. They gave me space to express my feelings and made it feel safe to do so. I am incredibly grateful for the service.

Our Projects

We are always looking for ways that we can contribute the learning from our frontline services to wider policy and practice nationally. This includes a number of recent and ongoing projects such as the Bluestar Project, Disrupting the Cycle of Harm, and A Light in the Dark. 

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Have a peek at our therapy rooms in our primary St. Agnes Lodge site

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This year we supported 115 children and young people and provided 965 hours of one-to-one therapy.


I was worried I might have to answer lots of questions, but they don’t make you talk about anything you don’t want to. They let you talk to them.

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From The Gram

We are so excited for our upcoming multi-agency training day next month for practitioners across the East Midlands!

We hope that this will be a great opportunity for those working in pre-trial delivery to come together and engage in practical discussions and activities to grow their confidence working in the pre-trial space.

Book your tickets now through the link in our bio or email us at bluestarproject@the-green-house.org.uk.

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Do you know about our Grounding Practice video series?

We asked @bristolyogarootsproject to create a series of short grounding exercises that can help when we’re feeling low, anxious, or struggling to sleep. All the exercises can be done while sitting down, so you can follow along from home or even on the school bus, and you don’t need any special equipment.

This week is #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek and the theme is moving for our mental health. Research has shown that practices like yoga can help our mental health by focussing our attention in a different way, increasing our body-mind awareness and soothing our nervous system. These benefits can improve with regular practice.

So if you’ve got a spare three minutes, why not check out one of these videos? You can even follow along while you’re waiting for the kettle to boil. The full series is available now on our website and our YouTube Channel (link in bio).

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All six episodes of ‘Conversations We’ve Never Had’ with Candice and Gemma are now available to listen wherever you get your podcasts.

Conversations We’ve Never Had is a groundbreaking podcast exploring the lasting impacts of CSA, and is delivered by The Green House as part of #UpfrontSurvivors.

Upfront Survivors is a project formed by The Green House, @sarsasupport, @vivgordonco and @covuni and is funded by @ukhomeoffice.

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